Dear Countrymen, Ben Ngari did not have to die

By Vanquished Vanquisher

We blame Raila Odinga for one thing. Before marshaling his troops forward, in a legitimate mission of hounding out an illegitimate electoral commission, he ought to have warned them. Warned them by a way of a reminder they were about to face a regime headed by crimes against humanity indictees. Not suspects; indictees. Ngari did not have to die. uh4

Indictees, labelled as such by ICC, a distinguished court of irreproachable character which said there was sufficient evidence to have them stand trial. After trial, they would have been vindicated. But the Indictees were never vindicated or absolved for crimes against humanity, for they sabotaged ways of a fair trial. They sabotaged the way of a fair trial by perpetuating more crimes against humanity through and not limited to witness elimination. We have quoted Bensouda. Ngari did not have to die.

We will refresh our memory, for this is a nation of amnesia.

1.We have President Kenyatta. We read the Charges. He unleashed his Mungiki goons. They went on rampage, in Naivasha, Nairobi, and elsewhere, killing, raping, maiming. Death and more deaths.

2.Deputy Ruto. We read the charges. He unleashed his militia. They went on rampage. They turned a hallowed church into a furnace, hapless women and children were reduced to ashes. He led the looting brigade. Death and more deaths.

3.CS Nkaiserry. He, the brainchild and the mastermind of the Wagalla massacre. Where innocent people were massacred. They lined up in the streets and shot. Women were raped and tortured. You will read all this in the TJRC reports.

What we have here, is a bunch of Draculas. When they see police, who they have turned into mercenaries of death, breaking bones, opening up skulls and killing hapless demonstrators, most probably, they are all smiles with glee, for this offers them satisfaction. Ngari did not have to die.

Uhuru, Ruto and Nkaissery are like Patricians of Roman empire who would sit at the posh podium and succor joy from the seeing their gladiators (police) slay the throats of slaves for sport as the gallery in the Colosseum (jubilee sycophants) who rapture in hysterical cheers.

Dear countrymen, what we have here, is a night of long knives. Jubilee regime is now the Third Reich. Uhuru is the Führer. Ruto is Goebbels. We are looking forward. At what the future portends. Like Ezekiel of divinity we only see a valley of bones. Bones of the dead, death brought to them by this cowardly regime. Ngari did not have to die.

ICC. ICC. You did us a great disservice by letting these two of the hook. Like a kid leopard that has tasted blood, they may never stop their repressive ways of inflicting death by state sanctions murders. Ngari did not have to die.

President Kenyatta. You deserve honor. Your deserve glory. You have finally managed to make an entry into the ignoble book of shame, the book of despots and villains of history. You are now the undisputed despot, more than your father. You name is now in the same page as other ruinous dictators of history. If that all you craved for, thumps up. Your missions has been accomplished,Führer. President Kenyatta, you have now become a leader into abyss, to death and darkness. Ngari did not have to die.

We blame you Raila Odinga. At least, you should have taken a minute to remind your charges. Here, they were facing a brutal and murderous cabal, to whom life is not divine. Death is tool to power. Dear countrymen, we have entered a night of long knives. Jubilee’s operation hummingbird has begun, woe, death, and darkness will become part of us. Rest in Peace Ngari. You died death of honor. You died in a mission of halting the resurrection of a dictatorial regime. Your death is not in vain.

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