How Virtue Reality Technologies will Change humanity

By Gatuyu Justice

A gaggle of start ups and giants of Silicon Valley are on a rush. None wants to be left behind in the next frontier of technology that will shape humanity, the magic of Virtual Reality (VR).

VR, being a presentation of an artificial environment to human in a manner that looks real, this being done by 3-D manipulation of sensory perceptions, had a poor start in the 90s but has now traction, growing in heaps.

Obama VR
President Obama enjoying a virtual Reality

Oculus VR, a small start up rejuvenated this area. Oculus could not get get a venture capitalist to fund them, for the VR proposal sounded insane, and they had to raise money for development through crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

To Oculus, windfall would come too soon. Facebook will come knocking. They will acquire it at a huge fortune that rattled the industry. Google, always on top of thing, immediately started their own VR, the Deep Mind, and launched a secret lab to develop wait before official release.

Even Microsoft, that wobbly and pitiable company with repute for churning out shambolic products and killing those they buy, having missed the smartphone train, is now swift and they have launched their own VR item, the Halo Lens.

A sub-set of Virtue Reality, the Augment Reality, where fantasy world is infused into the real world, is already hitting the waves.

Niantic Inc, a video game company, has set the pace by releasing Pokemon Go, an augmented reality video game, where a player tracks, captures, and trains or whatever the Pokemons, alien creatures, strutting in their actual backyard. The arrival of Pokemons is off course facilitated by earth mapping technologies.

Virtue Reality will shape education sector, especially on teaching methodologies. It will reshape Journalism. The Economist, as usual, has set the pace by releasing their own VR experience, RecoVR Mosul, which reconstructs temples destroyed by Islamic States in Iraq war, with fantastic outputs and re-visualization.
We are not sure Kenya media houses, proconsuls they are, have sniffed VR even from a distance.

Welcome the new frontier that will change humanity. Welcome the fantasy of virtue reality. It is unfolding in your lifetime. It is unfolding right before your eyes.

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