Dear Strathmore Law School, Thomas Moore, was a bad man

By g.j

The Strathmore Law School, with assistance from Microsoft, has erected a magnificent building and named it in honour of Sir Thomas Moore. Helen of Troy! Why, would they do that? It is not amusing. Because Sir Thomas Moore, was not a good man. He was a bad man. Nothing should be named after him.

Sir Thomas Moore. (Source:Wikipedia)

It is Thomas Moore, in his heyday, who presided over the burning of alleged heretics. These were people who failed to swallow the dogma of a triune godhead, that Moore advocated, outlining that there are three gods in one, god the father, god the son, and god the holy ghost.

In those days, Arius of Alexandria, had managed to spread Arianism, which dismissed the concept of triune godhead and trinity. This was before the great convention of bishops at Nicaea, where the pragmatic emperor Constantine, the founder of modern Christianity, tried the stop the great schism in the universal church.

Emperor Constantine would try to bring consensus  among the See of Rome, the see of Jerusalem, the see of Antioch, and the see of Constantinople, and bring an ecumenical unity. It is where the doctrine of trinity arose.

The trinity doctrine failed to sink by way of persuasion. It had to be enforced by way of coercion.

Thomas Moore came. He oversaw the burning of ancient manuscripts, and all writings that were deemed to have ungodly contents. He led in the grand scale destruction of knowledge, more than any other person in his days.

Thus, it is extremely disheartening, to see an institution that seeks to advance learning and accumulation of knowledge, has no remorse glorifying a knowledge villain, even to name a temple of knowledge in his honor. It is akin to resurrecting a Jezebel. Sir Thomas Moore, was an evil man.

Thomas Moore strode like a colossus,  killing alleged heretics and burning manuscripts with purported blasphemy.  Until his fall, came. His fall came when his boss, King Henry VIII, using King’s other evil stooge, Moore’s namesake, Thomas Cromwell, tried to coerce Thomas Moore to accept Anne Boleyn as the new queen of England.

Moore disagreed with King Henry’s on this aspect of getting a second wife. He was beheaded. The manner of his death was fair. He lived by the sword. He died by the sword. Fulfilling what was decreed. ‘Those who live by the sword, shall die by the sword.’

In the run up to Moore’s death, the wife of King Henry VIII, the charismatic Catherine of Aragon, had, unfortunately, failed to bear him a child, a heir. He wanted to divorce her and remarry. He sought the blessings and approval of Vatican. The pope declined.

Just the way, the current England, became wary of EU and incensed with taking orders from Brussels, culminating to Brexit, similar script played. For failing to get an approval to divorce his wife, King Henry was now tired of Rome, time was ripe for churchexit.

King Henry then disowned Vatican. He founded his own church. In that year of the lord 1534, the church of England, or the Anglican church, was founded, and King Henry VIII declared himself as the supreme head of the Church of England.

This resulted in a schism with the Papacy. But the mischievous King Henry, had to ensure he is the leader of this church, to ensure there would be no further hurdles, in his remarrying. So it became, and in remarrying, he did.

The first declaration by King Henry, now doubling as the Archbishop of Canterbury, was to allow his divorce and to remarry. He eventually divorced Catherine of Aragon and married Anne Boleyn. Things, men, do, for love (lust)!

He will into a marriage spree, including marrying one Anne of Cleves, who he married, but weirdly, forgot to consummate the marriage. Anne of Cleves, will be nicknamed the King’s beloved sister.

Thomas Moore opposed king’s separation from the Catholic Church. He refused to acknowledge Henry as Supreme Head of the Church of England. He refused to endorse annulment of King’s marriage to Catherine of Aragon.

He was playing naive games. His stand on this issues, was more political than theological. He did not see the games that were being played. Thomas Cromwell, had to deal with him.

It is why, after refusing to take the Oath of Supremacy, Thomas Moore was convicted of treason and beheaded. Of his execution, he was reported to have said: “I die the King’s good servant, and God’s first.” He had spent his life burning religious heretics. He was beheaded for being a political heretic.

Pope Pius XI canonised Moore in 1935 as a martyr. The declaration was shambolic, for Moore was a martyr of no shade. In 2000, Pope John Paul II declared him the “heavenly Patron of Statesmen and Politicians.” The Soviet Union honoured him for the purportedly communist attitude toward property rights expressed in Utopia. These were mere rhetorics.

History of catholic church is littered with villains being declared servants of god. In the past, the process of canonization did stink. Pope John II had to issue a public apology, including being sorry for other atrocities committed by Vatican. Sainthood of Thomas Moore was one of those bogus events.

As GR Martins, in his Game of Thrones fantasy would note, Thomas Moore refused to bend the knee, and paid with the price of death. There may be some honour in him being a man who stood by his convictions, however naive. He knew the price of refusal to bend the knee.

Moore’s Johnny come lately antics do not cleanse his murderous and inglorious reign. His evil nature and deeds, in presiding the massacre of heretics and destruction of knowledge, by burning manuscripts. His legacy is so rotten, no revisionist history can assuage, no detergent can cleanse.

Thomas Moore, was an evil man.

It is therefore extremely unfortunate, Strathmore law school would name their campus in honour of such a villain, who contributed towards destruction of knowledge. Even a remote association with Thomas Moore, is defamatory.

Had a law school in a public university (or a gangster law school), been the one that named a building in Moore’s honour, we would have called for the fall of such naming. But we cannot do so. For we are informed, this school, has well mannered lads and lasses of finer breed, who only want to excel and get recruited by white shoe firms, and live happily thereafter. Other things, are unmannerly and less rosy.

We will not impute anything that may be connoted as calling for a defilement of such cherished decorum. But it cannot be hidden. It cannot be disguised. Thomas Moore, was a bad. Nothing, should ever be named in his honour.

2 thoughts on “Dear Strathmore Law School, Thomas Moore, was a bad man

  1. Dear GJ you have good writing skills. However, you need to study history in depth. You have confused persons and centuries. You have mixed up persons (Thomas More was Lord Chancellor of Britain and a great legal figure, and Thomas Moore was an Irish poet appointed literary executor by Lord Byron) and centuries (missing the mark by almost 1000 years between Arianism, Nicaea, Constantine and More). Moreover, Microsoft didn’t put up the building, they only sponsor the Microsoft Auditorium and the Microsoft Policy Centre. You are most welcome to visit and get a free history lesson. We can help clarify matters.

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