Why the Year 2020 is Moving Too Fast

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BEAUTY, the adage goes, lies in the eyes of the beholder. Nevertheless, research indicates, individuals bestowed with certain physical features are more likely to be perceived as having beauty. These features are having a facial symmetry, oozing youthful looks, and a general form that does not deviate from the norm. These, will get one more right swipes on tinder.

FACE, is the reception of a human being. By it, we know the moods a person, their health status, and the age. Baikulia-O-Bamung’o, a consultant for this journal, has a gift. He can estimate one’s age, with admirable degree of accuracy, with a single stare on the face.

BUT, the face is not static. The appearance of the face, and neck typically, changes with age. Loss of muscle tone and thinning skin gives the face a flabby or drooping appearance. Equally, as one ages, the skin pores widen, the skin develop crevices, the looks lose their glare, with a gradual decrepitude, waste and decay. The face loses its plump, smooth surface.

CLEOPATRA, the majestic queen from Macedonia, who reigned over Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt, was on verge of unleashing the elixir of mortality, which would have deterred bodily decay as one ages, but she will get entangled in fatal romance with Mark Antony, the successor of Caesar.

PERCEPTION, of time, is one thing that changes as one ages. A 21 year old lass will drown with glee when offered an employment contract of one year, and the period will look like eternity. Then give e a 28 year old woman same offer, and there may be snide, at the brevity of the offer.

OLDER people perceive time as moving faster. That is, the rule. There are psychology effects. It often leads to accumulation of regrets. It also has occasions sighs, that one has not accomplished much, to justify their years. Perhaps, its its nudges life keeps offering. Mind time and clock-time are two totally different things. They flow at varying rates.

WHY, now, has this year 2020 moved so fast? Has it? Please check your age! But you can speed up the time. How? Venture, and create more memories.

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