Finally, the evil triumphs over Good; the House of Mumbi preference for crooks as leaders is highly flummoxing

By Vanquished Vanquisher

Beware of the Ides of March! Evils and omens hangs on the horizons; like vultures waiting for a succumbing prey to savour the carcass. The Ides is March 15. The day when the evil Brutus assassinated the valiant Julius Ceaser.

Waititu; Being in the dock earned him votes
Waititu; Being in the dock earned him votes

The evils of Ides visited Kenya early in the morning as they woke up to a hugely depressing, albeit familiar tale, that a renowned goon of inverse integrity, is on the verge of representing people of Kabete to parliament.This reality is only a tip of immensely shocking trend in the House of Mumbi and the larger jubilee fraternity, to fall in political love and hobnob with crooks, genocidiares, drug peddlers and surrogates of Lucifer.

It has become increasingly difficult, nay, impossible, for men and women of repute to find even a breather of space in the elective forum of the House of Mumbi politics. For to win an electoral contest in that region, one must have a mien of a grand mafioso, shambolic reputation, highly allergic to honour and integrity, and have zero reverence to qualities of class and good governance.

We have seen them—beginning from one Bensouda boy, who later rose to become the grand patriarch of state house, whose apotheosis to elective prominence was solely due to his alleged role as a lead General in inter-tribal crusades to butcher some “infidels” who opposed his reigning tribesman march to state house through vote thuggery. The same patriarch would later engineer the collapse of his ICC case by crooked antics, misusing the state largesse to dampen witnesses, and these mischief, surprisingly, made the house of Mumbi Love him even further and deeper.

This maybe an obnoxious fact, but it behooves to notice that this is the same region with highest concentration of churches and pastors in the country but, and alarmingly so, is having the highest turnover of tragic leaders; and keeps on churning them in hell for leather rate. Any association with integrity of character is a huge disability to the wannabe House of Mumbi politicians.

It is here where a man the US embassy and Kenyan intelligence has mentioned his name in same sentence with ill terms such as drug trafficking, got a sweeping victory over an able gentleman who, visibly, would have lifted the county to magnificent heights. Its the same region which would elect an M.P purely on his ability to invent and hurl most lousy tribal slurs and epithets against one enigma and his tribe.

Any leader from that region who portrays even a shade of modesty, is on the path to their political Waterloo. When one Nyeri Women representative said I.C.C victims needed some justice, she was bombed by entire store of artillery. Noticeable, leading her Armageddon was a certain retired Facebook warlord reportedly based at statehouse, and who rose to glory and fame for hacking ICC website, exposing the witnesses, eventually leading to their deaths and mysterious disappearances.

This way, the leaders from House of Mumbi have turned into a motley of marionettes, performing a charade choir. They all seem to have deposited their wits in a lock room situated somewhere in Ichweri. For as it has turned out, having a pretense of intellect as a central Kenya politician is politically terminating cancerous tumor. The only thing they can do politically apt is intellectual political masturbation within closed arenas.
What is happening? This is the region hitherto known to shape the political sphere of honour. Its the house known to have reverence for matriarchy. But now all these salient boons have been sacrificed. The House of Mumbi, with her preference for vision less charlatans for leaders, only signifies the beginning of the collapse of the once revered empire. We may as well begin composing dirges. Fare thee well, the house of Mumbi.

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