A Tribute to Liu Xiaobo

Liu Xiaobo. A tribute

Xi Jinping, a tyrant of the Peoples Republic of China, one day, will die. Had tyrant Xi known this cruel fact, he would not have pushed Liu Xiaobo, to such a ignominious death.

Liu Xiaobo, a Chinese hero and a freedom fighter.

Liu Xiaobo, a Nobel Laureate who brought a taste of freedom to China, died and the urn with his remains was opened to scatter his ashes over the sea, just as was done to the remains of terrorist Bin Laden, in a stage managed ceremony, which even his wife, was barred.

Xiaobo’s death mirrors that of another gem, Carl von Ossietzky, a 1935 Nobel Peace laureate. Carl, like Liu, died in Nazi prison. While Liu was jailed for exposing human rights violation, Carl was incarcerated by Hitler for exposing Nazi re-armament in violation of the Treaty of Versailles. Xi is behaving like Hitler. Is Xi the new Hitler?

Xiaobo’s spirit was indomitable. In 1989, when Chinese despot Deng Xiaoping was on rampage, maiming and killing his people, Liu joined other protesters to push back despot Deng. He organised the protests of Tienanmen square. He has always been there. For his people.

But then, the evil regime of dictator Hu Jintao, a predecessor to tyrant Xi, refused Liu to go collect his Nobel medal, which he was awarded “for his long and non-violent struggle for fundamental human rights in China”. They put his wife under house arrest, not to represent him.

When Liu ailed from terminal liver cancer, the regime of tyrant Xi saw it as opportunity to accelerate his death. They would not have him seek better treatment in Germany.

But upon his death, the evil regime of tyrant Xi, pretended to wear gloves of compassion. Tyrant Xi will also die. And his corpse will be a dinner for maggots. But the legacy of Liu, will live.

It would be a pity that Liu died for nothing. What he fought for seems not to have percolated the Chinese people. Since their newly acquired wealth, the people have become like Zombies, marionette controlled by the Politburo. The Zombie Republic of China? Did Liu die for nothing?

The gallants never die. Liu has left descendants scattered over the world. Their number is as the constellations of heavenly stars. They will stop at nothing, to ensure freedom to the universe. Not even the antics of tyrant Xi would tumble that. His name was Liu. Liu Xiaobo.

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