The last and final fall of the ‘Great’ Britain

This morning, there in the city of London, reason and logic have been drowned in the clutter of noise and irrationality. Exit campaigners invocations of vague nationalism, nostalgic Nativity, xenophobia, and to an extent, racism, has paid dividends.

Britain exit from the EU is now nigh. Is this result an anti-climax of the wave anti-elitist nationalism spreading world over?

The final fall of ‘great’ Britain?

There are times when you see a friend going astray. Words vacate the tongue. The only thing you are able to utter is, friend, what is this you are doing to yourself?

Britain, Britain, twice I call; what have you done to yourself? We have entered the echo-chamber of your thoughts, we still, are unable to discern. How could an elite society, with global and informed citizens, fail to appreciate their continued links with Brussels is a path to their own greatness?

Then, the people have decided, and their choice we respect. Boris Johnson and his charade have won. Has Boris Johnson now emerged as the undisputed Britain’s Donald Trump? The other people celebrating left wings, Donald Trump, President Putin, and Marine La Pen, all being leaders (and prospective leaders) to doom and misery.

But the choices are beginning to have dire consequences. The financial markets in England are crumbling. In the Forex Exchange, the curve of plummeting pound is going down faster than a diver from a steep cliff.

Will Britain now retreat to an insular island with little impact to the affairs of men? Just the way it was in the days of yore, before William of Normandy traveled all the way from Germany, to conquer and unite weakly tribes and in the process introduce civility upon the tribes caged in barbarism.

Britain, dear Britain, what is this you have done to yourself!

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